Booze House
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My Story


Booze House is the first of my Lifestyle Projects. At Booze House, I import beverages, tableware, cookware and bed linen for Horeca and B2C in Hong Kong & Macau.

Wines – France, Spain & Italy
Spirits – Scotland & Japan
Tableware – Europe, India & Japan – Porcelain, cutlery, masu boxes, wooden boards
Cookware – Italy – Copper, cast iron, steel, aluminium & stoneware
Bed Linen – Portugal – Rooms, spa, lounge, home and pool

I import from France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, India and Japan.

My next Lifestyle project, Maison du Gourmet, is dedicated to Food:

Extra Virgin Olive oil – Portugal
Premium Rice – Europe, India and Japan
Wheat Flour – India & Pakistan
Virgin Avocado Oil – Mexico
Hand Harvested Sea salt – Portugal
Saffron – Spain

I look forward to being of assistance to your Lifestyle needs.

Asher Dominic YOUREY