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Costa Verde from Portugal, has been producing porcelain for 30 years. With 9 series offering a selection of over 500 pieces in 28 colours, Costa Verde porcelain is suitable for Home, Hospitality, Corporates, Service Apartments, Airlines and Retail.

Costa Verde porcelain is microwave, oven, freezer compatible and is dishwasher safe.

Each piece of porcelain undergoes 3 rounds of firing:

Round 1: Biscuit Firing: 18 hours at 1,000 degrees celsius
Round 2: Glazing & Firing: 6 hours at 1,400 degrees celsius
Round 3: Inglaze Firing: 5 hours at 1,250 degrees celsius

This ensures a final product that is of exceptional quality, durable, resistant and long lasting.

Dalper is a family run enterprise with more than 50 years of cutlery expertise.
From idea conception, design till final production, Dalper pays close attention to every aspect at its premises in Guimaraes, Portugal.

An ISO certified enterprise, Dalper cares for the environment whilst continuing its pursuit of cutlery perfection.

In 1907, Baldassare AGNELLI began making cookware in Italy.

Currently the Agnelli family, continue the illustrious traditions and standards set by Baldassare by making world renowned cookware and accessories of Copper, Cast iron, steel, aluminium and stoneware. Agnelli continues to push the imagination bar for Chefs and Culinary enthusiasts all over the world. Angelli is a Family owned enterprise.