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A family enterprise spanning five generations, Gradirripas has its origins in Pernes, Portugal since 1885.

Gradirripas makes food service wooden boards using Oak, Pine & Ash wood. Oak & Ash wood is sourced from the forests in France, whereas Pine wood is sourced from the forests in Portugal.

All wood is obtained with strict permits and licensing from the relevant government agencies and respecting the environment. The wood is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

130 years on Miguel and his sister continue the family enterprise following the footsteps of their founders – respecting nature, combining technology and craftsmanship to make remarkable products.

Gradirripas boards and accessories are much sought after by Chefs, Culinary enthusiasts and home owners alike both in Portugal and overseas. Masterchef and Jamie’s Italian are some of the customers of Gradirripas.

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